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Welcome to website coffeeshop Nobody’s Place ® Venlo!

Our tolerance shop is located in Venlo, near the center, in South Venlo. For decades, our coffee shop is well known in Venlo area and consists in December 38 Years!

Nobody’s place is a Coffeeshop with ideology, so our house rules sometimes seems strange, but if you’re used to them and you respect them, you will discover you can always have a relaxed smoke with us that way…..

Membership is required!

We would therefore discourage impulse buying with no use of debit card payments. Consider how much you want to spend at home and take that money with you, ….. you will never lose the overview how much you spend.

Due to strict laws we can not advertise our products, so do not send emails about what’s on the list.

If you take the house rules then you are most welcome. We are open daily from 11:00 to 22:45.

24 Dec 2019      OPEN 10.00- 19.00 CLOSED

25 Dec 2019      OPEN 11.00- 22.45 CLOSED

26 Dec 2019      OPEN 11.00- 22.45 CLOSED


31 Dec 2017      OPEN 10.00- 19.00 CLOSED

01 Jan 2018      OPEN 13.00- 22.45 CLOSED