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  •  You must be over 18, membership is compulsory
  • No hard drugs, no junkies, no paddos!!!!
  • After entering, first report to the sales bar. Purchase of hash or grass is compulsory with each visit. Do not go pass the queue.
  • Tables and chairs cannot be booked before your purchase has been completed (so if you still queuing or are supposed to, DO NOT put your coats etc. on the chairs).
  • You are allowed to buy something 1 time per day only, for a maximum of 5 grams!!
  • The board can, without reason given, cancel your membership.
  • Each staff member is allowed to cancel your membershipcard. Objection to such a decision can only be made on Wednesday mornings at 10.45 hrs.
  • If you lose your membershipcard please let us know immediately. If you do not, you will remain responsible for any misuse.
  • The membershipcard remains property of Nobody’s Place and can be taken from you and/or cancelled in case or abuse. If this happens then please do not try to enlist for a second time. We will notice this when entering your name into the computer and it will cause you to loose your registration fee.
  • Only bring along people who want to become a member. Do not let people wait outside. Should this be necessary, then let this person or persons wait next to the entrance but in no case around the corner in the doorway of our neighbours. As a member you are also responsible for the behaviour of the people you have waiting outside or in your car. If these people, for example, throw litter out on the street or in case of urinating in public etc., your card will be cancelled.
  • Do not arrange to pick people up or drop them off at Nobody’s Place.
  • Dealing, in any way, is not allowed on the street or inside.
  • Do not stand in front of the shop or in your car. Make sure that you do not cause a disturbance in the neighbourhood.
  • Upon coming and going, please drive SLOWLY (30km). Mopets and cyclists, please drive at a footpace on the pavement. You are not allowed to park your vehicles in a place where they obstruct passage. Park your car only in place where you are allowed to park.
  • Do not throw litter on the street. Put stubs into the ashtray near the entrance, and do not throw them on the street.
  • Do not leave with a joint in your mouth
  • No not bring phones, pagers, or other telecommunication equipment into the shop
  • Do not steal!!!! And do not bring stolen goods to the shop
  • If necessary we can ask you to show us the contents of your bags and rucksacks
  • Do not sell anything to others
  • No alcohol. If you want to drink then first have a smoke
  • Do not bring or eat your own food or drinks
  • Leave your dog at home, no animals here
  • No aggression. No tough tales
  • The ladies room is for the ladies only, not for the men. Only 1 lady at the time in the ladies room
  • If you’re in a hurry then it is best you go to another shop. At Nobody’s Place we all smoke joints, it’s sometimes really crowded and things can be very slow. If you get annoyed by this then you will soon risk the chance of having to hand in your membershipcard.
  • If you do not date a girl, then do not try to find one here. Even good-looking girls and boys should be able to peacefully smoke a joint with us.
  • It is only allowed to communicate in Dutch, German or English in Nobody’s Place, so that staff is able to intervene in case of an argument or if rules are disobeyed (for example, tough tales)
  • Those that bring with them their membershipcard can, when there’s a crowd and when staff members say so, get right of way over members who have forgotten their card.
  • Do not ask other clients for tobacco or cigarette papers. 1 cigarette paper + tip per client for free on request at the drinks bar.
  • Do not smoke during your purchase. Our staff is legally required to work in a smoke-free zone.
  • Do not smoke water pipe at the bar. Do not flush water pipes with warm water, do not clean them with the towel machine
  • Do not hand out or take with you any flyers
  • It is not appreciated to read newspapers etc. when sitting at a table or at the bar
  • Do not vandalize any tables, chairs and doors, by scratching your name into it or by writing on it.
  • Make sure that your membershipcard is not cancelled. This will mean that you are not allowed to come to Nobody’s Place anymore. A period of limitation is not applicable here
  • Nobody’s Place is all about ideology. This should be respected. The interest of Nobody’s Place comes first. Upon violation of the rules, because you believe an exemption is in place for you, please accept that we think otherwise and your membershipcard will be cancelled.
  • We aim to sell hash and grass. It is also possible to have a quick drink with us, to have a smoke or play a game. This means that with every visit you have to buy something. We are not a club.
  • If we observe that our clients visit illegal places their card will be cancelled. This is to maintain a strict separation between what is legal and what is not. If we find out that you have been to another legal shop before coming to us, we can demand that you prove that did not bring the stuff you bought there into our shop. This is to prevent us from being suspected of exceeding the 5 grams limit during a check up.
  • This work is sometimes very stressful for us because of what we sell at the frontdoor, is illegal at the backdoor. That is why we sometimes have to fall back on the earlier mentioned rules quite harshly. We ask for your understanding in this. We never mean to get personal in any way.
  • If these rules are not abided to we could be charged with disturbance and the attraction of criminal behaviour. We want to prevent this at all cost. It is about the reputation of us all and therefore we don’t want to give anyone reason to complain.